Benefits and Drawbacks of Open Houses

There are both Benefits and drawbacks of holding public open homes on your enumerated property. Some agents feel they are a waste of time, however, there are specific benefits if you want to set up the accompanying downsides.

Initially the advantage of holding an open house

Hosting an open house allows buyers to look first before they schedule a formal revealing with their representative. This allows purchasers to go to an open home from curiosity without having to go on record as having actually expressed any interest in the house.

In subdivisions where there more than one house is on the market, hosting a group open home is an imaginative technique to drawing in more traffic. Obviously, there is constantly the possibility that a home aside from yours might be sold, but if the homes vary in style, price, variety of spaces, you may wish to consider it.

Holding an open house might get your house seen because buyers are going to other homes in your location. Maybe the purchasers didn't choose your home from the list the agent forwarded to them, but might find it appealing if they actually visited it.

Now the disadvantages of holding an open house

Not everybody who sees your home will be pre-qualified. It's not unusual for visitors to comment how great your home is and how they wish they could manage it when in fact, they are just "inspecting out the location" however are not major about buying your home.It is essential to be mindful of possibly hazardous visitors. You will want to put your cooking area knife block safely out of sight and evacuate your valuables. In case you are a single female, that there are no men's clothing in the master closet might expose you to run the risk of. Trust your instincts and have your cellular phone with you at all times. If a visitor seems doubtful in any way, don't enable him into your house.

Your listing agent must ask you before you sign your listing agreement if you would be ready to have her represent both you and the buyer in your deal. This is called dual representation.

You are owed a complete disclosure of any details that might assist your working out position, and your representative must keep private any of your details that could jeopardize your working out position. Through representing both celebrations, complete disclosure cannot be offered to one without jeopardizing the personal information of the other. If your representative is hosting an open house in your house and you have not agreed to dual representation, then she must share with visitors that she is actually representing you.

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So be extremely thorough and well informed as to where you desire your house, how huge and how you will handle.

The disadvantage of dualrepresentation is that your agent can not fulfill all her fiduciary obligations to both parties.


With this reality check, one has to close their eyes for every home that does not fit into their financial prepare.